There are many different variants available for poker games. There can be games played on tables and also game between man and the machine. You can have many different options and here in this write up we will mention about few best poker variants that you can find online.

  • Texas hold’em poker

This game is the most commonly played in various situs poker online. This game needs lots of tact and plenty of thinking too. Most of the veterans of poker game like to play this game. Even new-players can also freshen up their strategy before playing this game in regular manner.

  • Exchange poker

In this variant, one can play without getting pressurized by the opponents around the table as the betting of all the four hands are open to see. You can make your move based on lowest risk, this game can train you in playing the last game too as here you can watch all the hands.

  • Texas choose’em poker

This is fast paced alternative to above game where among five cards players can see two hands one is facing up while the other is facing down. Based on that the player must choose which can be highest hand for scoring. This game can test your nerve before playing across the table.

  • Seven card stud poker

Before hold’em game came into existence, people mostly used to play this seven-card stud poker game. Here players will bet based on the cards that they have in their hands. If the high hands are few then there will not be any frayed nerves as less players will chase the game. Here the player will try to calculate odds and bet for the game aggressively.

  • Jacks video poker

If you are interested to play simpler game of poker, then you can choose the option of playing video poker game. Here like slot machine, you have to play with initial wager before the 5 cards are served. In any hand, if there are pair of jacks or better gets the pay-out.

  • Three card pokers

This game is based on British card game of 16th century which was known as three card brags. This is another poker game for newbies. Here individual player is pitted against the dealer. The player can see the card face up while the dealer receives in pet down condition.

  • Pai gow poker

This is a new variant of poker and also increase lots of fun too. Here too players play against the dealer.