After first betting round follows a flop and the poker game really starts. Will these 3 cards help to bag some chips or must you wait for turn & river or quit, while you can?

First determine, how good your hand is?

First decide, if your hand has improved or not. If yes, then let’s understand the potential of different poker hands, so you get acquainted with diverse ways to play for maximum returns. Different poker hands potential to understand and enjoy playing efficiently at some reliable situs poker online [online poker sites]

Top pair

Two pairs post flop is good but remember that the other player can use top pars, too. Therefore bet early prior they get a chance.

Ace high

Ace high sounds good but is not great. If no other players bet post-flop, you can carry it through. In case, your opponent looks confident then fold.


Well-hidden straight [which is not noticeable from flop] can be good, but is bad if your opponent holds a full house or flush. Moreover, your odds to win are more prior turn and river. In case, flop includes successive cards then straights are more obvious and very difficult to play.


Trips, after flop is good but you need to move early prior other players make a straight or flush.

Full house

A full house on flop means you can manage to play slowly. High hand is not possible, so take easy allowing bets to build up in the pot. However, keep eyes open or you can suffer a nasty hit, if something bigger suddenly pops up.


It is great hand but flop of matched cards can benefit other players, too. Therefore check & call is a good idea, unless you hold an ace card.

Straight flush

This is an unbeatable hand but make opponents think they can to get more money in the pot.


Quad is also unbeatable and very hard to hide. Bet slowly and let other players build hands, wait patiently to grab more returns.

Are drawing hands worthy?

Having a ‘draw’ hand means you are one card shorter from major hand like straight or flush depending on what occurs at river or turn. Let the odds make a decision.  In case, you hold flush or straight draw and are asked to put more than 20% pot value then fold. Chances to make your draw is rare, so is not worthy.

Alternatively, in combination hand like straight & flush draw or pair & flush draw, you can raise aggressively, call huge bets or if necessary go all-in. Chances of winning is 50%, so worth a gamble.

Avoid too much betting unless you are certain the hands are good. Another thing to remember is to fold on-time, which is as good as win. Therefore, if things are not as expected then get out as soon as you can.