Online casino gaming is a very popular pastime with many people now. While online slot games continue to draw in players, blackjack is the choice for many. It is easy to see why, because blackjack mixes strategy, drama and the chance to win big into one heady cocktail.

This means that blackjack is now a game that is offered at all internet casinos. If you like to play this casino classic, then Resorts Casino is one of the best NJ online casinos to consider. Not only does it have a great interface and some cool bonuses, but it also offers different types of blackjack.

These different types are another reason why Resorts Casino is popular with blackjack fans and also why the game itself remains relevant. One variant you might have heard of is blackjack perfect pairs – but what is it exactly?

Blackjack perfect pairs for beginners

The first thing to know about perfect pairs is that it is not a different style of blackjack as such. It is actually a side bet that you can take on before playing the standard game. The basic rules of this side bet see the player predicting that they will make a pair with their first two cards. If the player takes this side bet on and hits a pair, then they win.

Interestingly, most versions of perfect pairs pay out different odds on different types of pairs. A mixed pair pays at 5/1 and is classed as holding two cards of the same value but not the same suit or color. A colored pair is where you have two cards of the same value and color but a different suit – this pays at 10/1. The perfect pair is when you get two cards of the same value, color and suit – this usually pays at 30/1.

How does this differ from normal blackjack?

There are a couple of major differences between perfect pairs and the rules of normal blackjack.The first is that perfect pairs is not really a separate game in its own right but is a side bet before the main game starts. The other key difference lies in how each works. Standard blackjack only looks at the value of the cards in your hand, as the aim is to get as close to 21 as you can and closer than the dealer.

Perfect pairs looks at value, but also looks at the suit and color of the cards. Perfect pairs is also based on holding a certain pattern of cards in your hand, whereas standard blackjack is not. The payouts on perfect pairs are higher than with normal blackjack – but this does reflect how tough it is to geta pair with your first two cards.

Key differences between perfect pairs and regular blackjack

As the above shows, there are some major differences in these two takes on blackjack. While it might be tough to win at perfect pairs, it does offer a new way to play the game and can pay out big if you are lucky.