Poker is unique in the sense that you can play against one, four, six, nine or ten opponents. Cash games online offer various formats. With each table having differing numbers there is a strategy aspect modification that must be addressed. For instance, a hand like ace-nine is not playable in many scenarios in a full ring cash game. However, when dealt this hand in a heads-up format, it becomes a strong hand. In this article we’re going to briefly explain the differences in cash game formats so you can decide what is best for you.

Short Handed (6)
The most common and popular form of cash games online is six max. As the name describes; if features six player players. This format allows players to play a little more liberally. It suits those who like to be active, play many pots and ramp up the aggression. With good game selection and observation, the six max games can be perfect for executing regular bluffs.  One of the best bluffs is to check raise bluff against constant c-bettors. Texas Hold’em Questions state “you need to c bet properly in 6 max poker”. They go on to say that the two common errors are “not c betting enough or c betting far too much”.

Heads Up
Depending on the stakes, heads up cash game be extremely profitable or a terrible idea. There are experts lurking at the mid stakes and above that have a great understanding of heads-up games. They know all the key concepts and are experienced in this form. However, the micro stakes games have many fishes around that don’t understand how heads up should be played.

To win at heads up cash games is about playing your opponent to the nth degree. You need to spot their tendencies and failures and exploit them. You need to be confident playing all manner of hands and out of position. After all, 50% of the time you are out of position in a one-on-one game. You will also need to know how to change gears to keep your opponent from reading you.

Full Ring

Games with nine or ten players at known as full ring. These games are little more mundane and boring than the other two. They tend to serve the tight aggressive players better. You need to appreciate position and not be playing speculative from early position. If you play too much from under the gun and under the gun plus one, you will get found out in a full ring game. Players calling ranges are tighter so you will be taking too many flops with the weaker hand. Furthermore, you will be playing out of position. To generate a good win rate at full ring, focus on playing aggressively from later position and game selecting tables with high average pots.

Image Source: Unsplash