Mendicot game actually originated from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. However, the fun and tricks of this game can keep you engaged, which have made this game popular all across the world.

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How to play Mendicot?

The Mendicot game will use a standard deck of 52 cards, divided equally among all the players. Then they will select the trump card depending on the following 3 variations:

  1. First, the player who is right of the dealer will select one card from the hand and will place it face-down. Whenever the need for playing a trump will arise, they will reveal the trump card, then becomes the trump suit.
  2. Then the dealer will draw a random card while shuffling and the suit only for that particular card that is declared as a trump card.
  3. The gameplay will start and when any player is stuck then play a card out of the leading suit of the round and can play any card out of their hand. As per the rules, this card suit will become the trump card for the following rounds.

To win the trick, the players must match with the leading suit and should play the top card. During the Mendicot game tricks, the goal will be to collect as many 10s as possible.

Mendicot game rules:

  • Every player should play one card out of the suit, which will be leading the Mendicot trick.
  • In case a trump is predetermined, the player can then play a trump card for winning the Mendicot tricks.
  • In case, the trump has not been declared, a player will have the liberty to play any card out of a suit that is strong in the hand. This suit will then become the trump, and offer the player an advantage.
  • Finally, if any team has 3 or 4 number of 10s then they win.
  • In case, during the card game, the 10 number is divided equally like 2 tens for both teams then the partners collected 7 or more in Mendicot game tricks will win the game.
  • If any team will lose all 13 tricks then it will be a Whitewash.

Despite the fact that Mendicot’s gameplay is pretty basic, you can utilise the following tips and techniques to win the most Mendicot tricks:

  • Store all your high-ranking cards for winning the Mendicot tricks while the opposing players will play their 10.
  • When the opposing players will lay down low-ranking cards then play your own 10.
  • Aim for collecting all the 10 in Mendicot.
  • If both you and also your partner have already lost 2 number of 10s but collected the remaining two 10 then try to win a minimum of 7 tricks for winning the Mendicot game.

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