Gaming has come a long way from the time of our forefathers. The industry has seen various technological advancements that have enhanced user experience.

In this article, we are going to look at the various advances technology has made to make gaming even more engaging and fun.

  • High- definition graphics

Online gaming owners need to understand that the game’s graphics plays a significant role in enhancing user experience. As unfair as it is, most gamers will play a game by how defined it’s graphics are.

To increase playability in online games, there was a need for better graphics. Gone are the days where game programmers used 8-bit graphics in the creation of games. Currently, gaming websites like online casino Malaysia have adopted amazing graphics with photo-realistic textures.

  • Augmented reality

Currently, programmers have incorporated real-life situations in gaming. For example, in first-person shooter games, you move around and destroy warehouses – situations applicable in real life.

The same also applies when playing online casino games on bodog88.  The setting is based on real physical casinos. This is what augmented reality is all about.

  • Virtual reality

Many gaming consoles have adopted virtual reality to fully immerse the player into the game and give them an experience like no other.

Though not many games have adopted virtual reality, the ones that have, allow for a gamer to get lost in the game and for a few moments, it becomes a reality.

  • Mobile gaming

Technological advancements in the phone industry have revolutionized the gaming industry. It has taken the love for gaming to another level. The need to visit a gaming arcade has been replaced by a smartphone. With reliable internet access, gamers can easily log on to their smartphones and enjoy a myriad of online games.

This can be attested to the hundreds of people you see on commuter buses, and trains huddled over mobile games, oblivious to what is happening around them.

  • Cloud gaming

The cloud is not only a blessing to entrepreneurs but also gamers. The cloud has eliminated the need for additional storage hardware. The cloud offers unlimited space and gamers need not be limited by the size of their games’ memory discs.

Images are easily streamed via a reliable internet connection to your screen, improving the player’s gaming experience.

  • Gesture control

While many video games still make use of controllers, other gaming consoles have gotten rid of them. This is more popular with first-shooter games.

Gesture control is a tech advancement that allows gamers to interact with their devices by use of gestures. This is a type of technology known as Realsense that is common in most first-shooter games and allows you to use gestures to lead a group of people around the game.