Value concept is not just applied when you make expensive purchases but even when you build relationships. Value is even placed on belongings associated with sentimental meaning. In football or any kind of betting, the value concept also matters. However, bettors overlook it but there is a need to learn about good value bets for success.

Many people feel that value and odds are strongly connected. If odds are high it is automatically equivalent to good value because the potential payouts are big. If odds are low it is automatically equivalent to bad value because the potential payouts are small. They are wrong! Even though the value has a connection with odd size, the bettor needs to study the other relevant odds.

For example, on Betufa an unfamiliar totals line of a forthcoming match between the Benevento vs. Torino. Generally, other bookmakers offered a totals line at 44, but Ufakick set it at 250.

Benevento vs. Torino


Under 200 = -2,000 Over 200 = +2,000

Which possible bets indicate good value? According to beliefs that low equals bad value then the bet under 200 = -2,000 is risky. Actually, in this situation, the value s good even if they are low but carry a guaranteed wager win. The chances to see 200 points in the game are nil, so the odds -2,000 indicate good value. An over + 2,000 mean high value but is not good. It is appealing to the stake but it is not logical when the possibilities to win are nil. This is just an example because no bookmakers use such extreme numbers.

Consider what the odds bookmakers offered to convey. Something that will possibly happen will have small odds and vice versa. For example, in money line odds the favorite team has low odds, and underdogs are offered high odds. In a point spread, the bookmaker sets odd levels generally near to equal. You will also need to learn how to convert the odds into a percentage to determine the betting value.