Bitcoin is the currency of the current era, where everything is technologically advanced. Bitcoin is also the currency of the future of all the transactions like doing regular purchases or transfer of funds among individuals. One can also purchase properties through Bitcoins by remaining anonymous. These are few of the many reasons Bitcoins is becoming very popular in the online casino, online gambling sites and other e-platforms for betting. Most players do not know much about cryptocurrency and are generally sceptical about using cryptocurrency as their medium of payment for online gaming sites. It is inevitable now with the current trend that everyone will have to start accepting that betting with the help of Bitcoins is the safest as well as the most convenient way. We will list the advantages of BTC gambling casinos over traditional casinos why all players should start using Bitcoins.

Transparency – Bitcoin casinos are more transparent than traditional ones. Traditional casinos have a very bad reputation for duping their customers by using tricks that allows them to have an upper edge over their opponents. Most players are unaware of these tricks, and hence they keep on losing without realizing the reason behind it. Bitcoin casinos are played on fair gaming platform where the numbers cannot be tampered with. The odds of winning are the same for both the casinos and the players, giving the player an equal chance of winning. This increases the trust among the players, and they cannot be cheated upon.

Privacy and Safety – the customer’s playing in the traditional casinos has to furnish their personal information. All payments are made through credit and debit cards which can easily be misused and their confidential data compromised. In Most traditional casinos, the players have to furnish their personal details, resulting in further insult to injury. On the other hand, Bitcoins casinos have a very tight security that cannot be breached. The players need not furnish their personal details to make payments, and their identity remains completely anonymous. Bitcoin is stored in a wallet created for each person with a unique digital address specifically designed by keeping in mind the customers’ privacy. Logging into the Bitcoin casinos is very simple as one need not furnishing their login details every time the players wants to play on the online casinos.

Low transaction cost – When an individual is playing in the traditional mode of the online casino, he or she is burdened by an exuberant amount of transaction and deposit cost. They have to pay a grave amount of duties and taxes to the government, which in turn affects their winning amount as well.  On the other hand, in the case of Bitcoin casinos, these kinds of transactions or deposit costs are almost Nil or very low. It is significantly low, which can easily get unnoticed. As any government institutions do not regulate Bitcoin casinos, the transaction cost becomes all the more cheaper as they need not pay any taxes and duties on the winning amount, which makes it a preferable mode of online gambling.

Convenience – Bitcoins are the most commonly used cryptocurrency that can be accessed from every corner of the world. This is an added benefit as one can also play from a country where there are restrictions on online gambling and citizens of those countries have no access to real casinos. Players of the Bitcoin casinos are also saved from entering into illegal sites, which are stupendously expensive. They can have direct access to their deposits and withdrawal from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, a traditional casino does not allow such facilities.

Bonuses and promotions – Bitcoin casinos spoil their customers by providing numerous reward and promotions. There are rewards at the time of joining, registration even when they are refilling their Bitcoin wallet; they receive rewards up to 5 Bitcoin bonuses. They offer free spins and cashback bonuses as well. They provide their customers’ tickets for poker tournaments and many other winning tournaments all-year-round for free. Whereas in traditional casinos, cash rewards and bonuses are completely absent. Looking at the rewards provided by the Bitcoin casinos, the traditional casino players can easily switch.

Value – Bitcoin casino offers more value as compared to traditional casinos. The value of Bitcoins completely depends on its demand and supply, and the value of Bitcoin is increasing every day since its invention in the year 2009. Then the value of Bitcoins was only a few dollars per Bitcoin while currently, its value is around forty-five US dollars; this is forecasted to increase more in the coming years. In the case of a traditional casino, there will be no increase in the value as such. Gamblers get an additional advantage when they use Bitcoins, as those having winnings in the form of Bitcoins can trade them at a later stage and increase their winning amount easily.

Variety of games – BTC gambling sites offers more variety of games.  Compared to traditional casinos, Bitcoin casino offers high quality- large variety games and even more payout. The games offered by Bitcoin casinos are poker, blackjack, slots, roulettes, which also provides live dealer games. It has got a totally different gaming experience.

Bitcoin casino has changed the entire spectrum of the gambling industry. With the introduction of Bitcoin currency, more and more people are getting attracted to online casino. These days’ people are already working from home where Bitcoin casino has just proven to be a boon for these kinds of players, as it can provide entertainment as well as finance by just sitting at home. The growing popularity of these Bitcoins is mainly due to the varied advantages and benefits it provides to its customers. The customers and the online gaming sites have benefitted from its introduction because the markets for online casinos have increased drastically over the last few years. Currently, it is at an all-time high.